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California sun-drenched paradise of the rich and famous, surfers and endless beaches.

Beverly Hills, L.A., Venice Beach, Malibu and San Diego all those locations conjure up an image of sun, beach and tan. It´s this glorious feeling that the brand California Tan has been representing in the past 20 years. 

But California Tan´s brand name goes beyond mere life-style and glamour.
It stands for highly advanced technology and innovative skin care science.

California Tan offers ground-braking, trend-setting products for in and outdoor use. Experience the full impact of lotions that not only deliver beautiful tan, but nourish the skin with all the necessary essential ingredients that helps your skin to develop a long-lasting, healthy looking tan. 

The unique 3-step-system offers the right product for each skintype at any tanning level and provides supreme skin care components.

Look Good Feel Great!