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Nailtiques has been providing therapeutic hand and foot treatments that surpass all others. All products contain a unique combination of natural proteins and conditioners which promote healthy nail growth and take the hard work out of caring for your nails, hands and feet. The real beauty of the nailtiques products are that they are simple to use products for everyone, that really work! Everyone's nails are different and need treating in a very individual way to ensure their condition is improved. Whether you have neglected nails, or simply want a maintenance programme to keep your nails in tip-top condition all year round, nailtiques has the treatment for you.

We have what you need for healthy and beautiful nails !

IBD Gel Nails
IBD Gel is easily applied, leaving your nails with beautiful lasting shine and strength. So, why not take advantage of the many benefits of IBD UV Gel nails today?


CND Shellac™, the original Power Polish™, delivers 14+ day flawless wear, superior color and mirror shine with zero dry-time and no nail damage. Available in 61 trend-setting shades that can be layered together to make infinite options, CND Shellac is a true innovation of chip-free, extended-wear nail color!